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An Invitation to Be in Communion with Jesus


The Stations of the Cross are a long-standing tradition among Christians who choose to hold a vigil in their hearts during Good Friday — the day Jesus suffered, died and was buried. Images of different memorialized milestones of Good Friday (points of vulnerability, strength, love, compassion, etc.) are typically set up as prayer or meditation stations for people to walk through, remember, pray, and experience Jesus’s marathon of suffering and ultimate death.

This doesn’t sound pleasant, even though it’s called “Good” Friday; however, it provides us with a pathway to a softened and more transparent heart, and an opportunity to let go into God the things within us that are ready and willing die. Controls that keep us far from our Maker, and disallow the progress to wholeheartedness. 


The style and form of the stations vary widely and often reflect the artistic sensibility and spirituality of the time, place, and culture of their placement. In other words, people sometimes don’t use all 14 stations, but pull from those to create a sacred place and time of slow, present-minded prayer and contemplation. This is what we have done. From the 14 original stations, we have selected 10 films that we believe embody 10 stations. We hope these will be a blessing to your journey, and open up his Way of the Heart. 

These devotions and meditations can be done anytime, but they are commonly used as a Lenten practice on Fridays and especially on Good Friday. Participating in the Way of the Heart is an invitation to be in communion with Jesus, to enter into the mystery of his pain and suffering, and ultimately the most extreme display of sacrificial love in obedience to God. To a much lesser degree, this is a day to day choice we face in our lives. Can we surrender our way and can we take up God’s way? Throughout the Way of the Heart you will find that it is only through the experience of his death on Good Friday that we come alive with him on Easter Sunday. 

Throughout this time, we encourage you to make this a practice. Slow down. Become aware of your breathing, quiet your mind, create a sacred time. It doesn’t need to get complicated. Ask God for awareness of what is ready to die. See if you might be willing to let go of whatever that is. Just consider it. If you become willing, seal it in the tomb with Jesus on Good Friday, let it go into the unseen. This may take a lot of breathing and letting God be God. 

May God bless you, and keep you. Our hearts and prayers are with you.


Download the PDF Guide to "The Way of the Heart" Stations

  • Station I: Jesus is condemned to death.

  • Station II: Jesus takes up his cross.

  • Station III: Jesus falls.

  • Station IV: Simon helps Jesus carry the cross.

  • Station V: Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem.

  • Station VI: Jesus is stripped of his garments.

  • Station VII: Jesus is nailed to the cross.

  • Station VIII: Jesus promises his kingdom to the thief on the cross.

  • Station IX: Jesus dies on the cross.

  • Station X: Jesus is buried in the tomb.


Whether you label yourself a "Christian," or are uncertain whether you believe in anything any more, you are welcome to worship at Green Meadow United Methodist Church. Single, married, partnered, divorced, gay, rich, poor, USAmerican, or immigrant, you are welcome here. Burned out on religion -- whether organized, or disorganized -- bedraggled and hungover, addicted or in recovery, just out of jail, you are welcome here. Have no idea about Holy Communion, hymnals, or when to stand or sit? Don't worry, the pastor didn't either when he first stepped into a United Methodist Church as an adult -- and he was welcomed, too. 

We're glad you're here! 


We are a United Methodist Community of Worship, serving in the Smoky Mountain District of the Holston Conference. Our mission is to be an open gathering place to nurture Christians in training who, equipped by the Holy Spirit, go into the world and share the light of Jesus Christ.


Whether it's building mission kits for flood victims, sending food buckets to Zimbabwe, working with Family Promise of Blount County, helping the Salvation Army's lunch ministry, or gathering peanut butter for the Community Food Connection, "Meadow Folk" are engaged in the missio Dei ... God's mission of love.


Sunday mornings at Green Meadow are, in a way, much of what you would expect when you come to a United Methodist Church: we gather for Sunday School and we worship together. We also share a breakfast once a month, and in months where we have a fifth Sunday, we have a potluck dinner.

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