This Service Will be Available at Noon Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

"Through the Brokenness"

A Connectional Ash Wednesday Worship Service

The Minnesota Conference of the UMC

This Ash Wednesday worship experience is a collaboration of a covenant group of United Methodist clergy and the creative leaders of their churches. May you enter Lent in prayer, song, and practice.


“What Wondrous Love Is This”: Kim Peterson (Glendale UMC, Savage, Minn.)

(Arrangement, Jeff Bennett)

WELCOME: The Rev. Nate Melcher (Richfield UMC, Minneapolis)

GATHERING PRAYER: The Rev. Kate Payton (Glendale UMC)


CALL TO WORSHIP: The Rev. Mariah Furness Tollgaard (Hamline UMC, St. Paul)

(Inspired by Joel 2:1-2, 12-17)

One: Turn away from the calls of worldly success.

Many: Repent, and turn back to God.

One: Turn away from the desire to have what everyone else has.

Many: Repent, and turn back to God.

One: Turn away from greed and the race for power.

Many: Repent, and turn back to God.

One: As we enter Lent, may we turn back to God. 

May we seek forgiveness, may we seek healing, may we seek wholeness.

Many: May our hearts be renewed in this time of worship. Thanks be to God. Amen.

GATHERING SONG: Dr. Michael Olson, Alyssa Thormodson, (Hilltop UMC, Mankato, Minn.)

“Beautiful Things” (Gungor)



Release of Burdens: The Rev. Katie Matson-Daley (The Beloved UMC, St. Paul)

REFLECTION SONG: Paige Armstrong and Nancy Dierauer (Richfield UMC, Minneapolis)
“Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley” (No. 2122, The Faith We Sing)
REFLECTION PRAYER: The Rev. Whitney Sheridan (Centennial UMC, St. Anthony Park
(Adapted from prayer by Jan Richardson)


A Body Prayer of Willingness: The Rev. Matt Sipe, Nora Sipe, Michelle Behsman (Hilltop UMC, Mankato)


REFLECTION SONG: Richard Matson-Daley, William McDowell (The Beloved UMC, St. Paul)
“I Give Myself Away”


GOSPEL READING: The Rev. Jay Jeong (Mounds Park UMC, St. Paul)
Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21 (NRSV)

THE MESSAGE: The Rev. Shawna Horn (Fairmount Avenue UMC, St. Paul)
“Through the Brokenness"

REFLECTION PRAYER: The Rev. Laquaan Malachi (North UMC, Minneapolis)



Imposition of Ashes: The Rev. Kate Payton, The Rev. Shawna Horn, The Rev. Laquaan Malachi

REFLECTION SONG: Boiling Point, Cory Asbury (Centennial UMC, St. Anthony Park, Minn.)
“Reckless Love”

BENEDICTION: The Rev. Nate Melcher (Richfield UMC, Minneapolis)

POSTLUDE: Daniel Bloomquist (Mounds Park UMC, St. Paul)
“Jesu Meine Freude” (B.S. Bach)


Thank you for worshiping as the expanded body of Christ.
We hope you had a good experience.

Tech Assembly and Editing: Rev. Nate Melcher
Boiling Point is: Eric Bjorklund, vocals; Jon Canfield, guitar/vocals; Tucker Petersen, guitar; 
Ian Combs, bass; Christopher Becknell, violin; Ryan Cihlar, drums


Whether you label yourself a "Christian," or are uncertain whether you believe in anything any more, you are welcome to worship at Green Meadow United Methodist Church. Single, married, partnered, divorced, gay, rich, poor, USAmerican, or immigrant, you are welcome here. Burned out on religion -- whether organized, or disorganized -- bedraggled and hungover, addicted or in recovery, just out of jail, you are welcome here. Have no idea about Holy Communion, hymnals, or when to stand or sit? Don't worry, the pastor didn't either when he first stepped into a United Methodist Church as an adult -- and he was welcomed, too. 

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We are a United Methodist Community of Worship, serving in the Smoky Mountain District of the Holston Conference. Our mission is to be an open gathering place to nurture Christians in training who, equipped by the Holy Spirit, go into the world and share the light of Jesus Christ.


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